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New Website Announcement

I’d like to officially announce the release of my portfolio website

Both sites will work together in unison to bring quality images of the natural world.

Fall Expedition 2011

“The river of life is within us and the sea of life surrounds us” is a famous T.S. Elliot quote that I remember from grade school.  With a place such as Yellowstone- people can see things in an entirely different way at the same place, same day and even the same moment. We all extrapolate […]

Yellowstone/Grand Teton Fall 2010

“The River of life is within us and the sea of the life is around us” is a famous quote from T.S. Eliot that I remember from grade school. Indeed, the power of nature is within us and each one of us has a different and unique experience that we inherit from what surrounds us. […]

Yellowstone/Grand Teton Spring 2010

Yellowstone/Grand Teton

Fall is an amazing time to be in the Rockies. The colors are amazing and their is a plethora of wildlife to view as they prepare for the long harsh winter. Fall is not just the time for our “Thanksgiving” but it is time for the wildlife to fatten up (hyperphagea). 2009 saw an unusually […]

Yellowstone Expedition February 2010

Elk Here are some images from my recent trip to Yellowstone.

Images from Yellowstone, February 2010