Fine art photography of nature & the environment

Yellowstone/Grand Teton

Fall is an amazing time to be in the Rockies. The colors are amazing and their is a plethora of wildlife to view as they prepare for the long harsh winter. Fall is not just the time for our “Thanksgiving” but it is time for the wildlife to fatten up (hyperphagea).

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Black Bear

Grizzly Bear


Full moon.

Great Gray Owl

Bald Eagle

Grizzly Bear

2009 saw an unusually warm late summer and then a sudden drop in temp so that the Aspens leaves mostly turned to brown and then dropped. Fires were rampant and wildlife was at mostly high altitudes as if it were still July- August. An  unusual fall indeed but there are always things to find. I always say that it is easy to find nothing and hard to find something. So if I hear myself saying “there is nothing here”; I just have to look harder.

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